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[La FIT+a Shift Knobs]


 All La FIT+a Shift Knobs are made of wood and made in Japan.

Craftsmen make the knobs with care by hand.


We focus on the comfortable fit and feel in your hand

to make your drive through life with FIAT 500 enjoyable.


Our Shift Knob appeals to the eye and fits comfortably

in your hand from the moment you touch it.


Let’s go for a drive!





How to install

   To change Shift Knobs on the FIAT 500


For FIAT 500, turn the bottom part of the

 Shift Lever, and lift it up to remove.


Insert La FIT+a Shift Knob and tighten it using

the Allen Keywhich is supplied with the Knob.




To change Shift Knobs on the FIAT Panda


   For FIAT Panda, push down the bottom part of

 the shift lever to remove the current knob.


Insert La FIT+a Shift Knob and tighten it using the

Allen Keywhich is supplied with the Knob.




This product is only suitable for the Dualogic Transmission.


   It is not suitable for Shift Knobs for Manual Transmission

 or Reverse Lockout Lever Shift Knobs.


Please do NOT use La FIT+a Shift Knob in the case

   where you do not feel comfortable using it.



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